You have a great idea for a product, so now what?

I can help you transform your product idea into a great Brand with effective & appealing Packaging that will emotionally connect to its target market. 

I will guide you through a quick and easy Brand Strategy session that will help you get full clarity on your WHY? This will help with finding your unique selling point – that will make you stand out from the rest. I research your target market, create a unique Brand Essence and Brand Design, I will help you with pack format and printer selections and most of all I will ask questions and listen carefully to what your idea behind the product is. My mission is to make your product look the best it can be and truly perform in the market place. Be that online, in store or at a farmers market.

Every idea starts with a conversation.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting this incredible journey or a brand manager looking to reinvigorate a brand, I’d love to hear your ideas.

Anneke Zilich Brand and Packaging Designer