Branding is about your authentic communication.

It's how we can create an experience that invites your consumer in. You want your consumer to feel a certain way about your business, your product or service, you want to be perceived in a particular way. The consumer knows what they want - your brand needs to be somewhere in between. Sometimes it’s easier to view other brands and decide from their logo or creative what they do, but then difficult to see your own brand from within. By exploring and creating your brand and bringing it to life will lend to your own credibility of what you do, making your product or service the best in brand.

Your brand will tell a story, not just a logo but a whole story that empowers the customer to make the decision. “Yes, I want to buy from you”. Your logo and brand complement each other to give your authentic and unique message.

We take great care and pride in developing your brand to be one that people will connect with. We immediately add value to your company’s products or services, allowing you to expand your sales and explore your market reach.

We put into the same love and care to your brand as you put into your product. We are passionate about artisan products and support Australian Made & Owned producers.


Your Brand is like your baby. You live and breathe its every move and want to watch it grow.
We have created a unique program that helps to uncover the core message and intention of your brand.
Our mission is to create a visual solution that reflects your business or product whilst also delivering an effective toolkit for your business for years to come.

At the end of the branding process, you have a Brand Kit that includes logo designs, colour palettes, imagery, fonts, patterns, textures that all fit together to create a unique visual experience.

One of the best investments you can make for your growing business is in its brand. With the MedalTally Brand Kit, you will take away a tool kit that will help you keep the visual personality of your business consistent and professional, that is easy to use. Plus, we are always here if you need help to get the job done.

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