Empowering small businesses with strategic design solutions

Elevate your brand with design expertise tailored for small to medium product businesses. I specialise in guiding enterpreneurs towards the right design decisions, ensuring products not only stand out but also resonate with consumers in their unique environments, from bustling weekend markets to the expansive world of retail and wholesale.

Through custom brand and packaging design solutions, I bring your vision to life, enhancing conversion rates both online and on the shelf.

Collaboration is key. I work closely with my clients, immersing myself in their business objectives, product essence, and target customer profile. With over two decades of international design expertise, I craft impactful brand and packaging designs that narrate your unique story. Together, we’ll create compelling design solutions that leave a lasting impression.

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Every project is unique, and we understand that. That’s why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all packages. We believe in tailor-made solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

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Examples of what we can do for you


Suite Co

After initial success in the AirBNB sector, SUITE CO pivoted to retail due to Covid. Now, it’s a thriving online business with stockists throughout Australia.

Brand Strategy-Brand Design-Packaging Design

Spicecraft new range


Spice Craft

Transitioning from a subscription box model to establishing a presence in Harris Farm, and currently being featured on Woolworth shelves, represents a significant entrepreneurial journey that continues to evolve and progress.

Brand Strategy-Brand Design-Packaging Design

Kitty & Miles Brand design Website


Kitty & Miles

During the Brand Strategy consultation, we were able to identify and articulate her distinctive qualities and primary target audience. This led to the establishment of her new business identity, including name and visual representation.

Brand Strategy, Brand & Web Design. 



As a Design & Marketing Agency, sometimes you might find yourself needing an extra pair of experienced hands working on your behalf.

Whether it’s as part of your team or completely independently, rest assured that I can get the job done.

Clients and Brands I have worked with