After working for 15+ years with large FMCG Brands & Clients at the best Design Agencies around the world, my goal is now to help businesses that are familiar with their ideal client and know what they have to offer is valuable, move to the next level, increase their Brand Value and Sales. Here is a selection of projects I had the pleasure of working on. If you are looking for case studies on large FMCG projects, feel free to contact me.

Packaging design @suitecobondi


Suite Co

SUITE CO was ready to move to the next level after initial success in the AirBNB sector.



From subscription box to move to the next level and into Harris Farm. This was quite a journey.

SpiceCraft Butter Chicken Packaging
K&M Website


Kitty & Miles

During the Brand Strategy we found the WHY – to stand out and make a difference through exceptional service and high success rates.


Design & Marketing Agencies

When you need an extra pair of hands working on your behalf. As part of your team or totally independently, we will get it done.

MedalTally office in Mascot