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Pitango soups from New Zealand was acquired by new owners Beak & Johnson with a vision to not only carry on the tradition of delicious soup but to expand its’ customer base and reach. JAM&CO DESIGN was asked to re-focus and develop the existing range and extend it into new exciting world flavours. While the classic soup recipes stayed true to their origins, the brand was in need of an updated brand palette – one that embraced its heritage and reflected it’s organic & pure natural ingredients. RESULT: By enlarging and reversing the Brand out of the iconic stripe background it created a clear link to the old but by adding the more rustic texture reflects better the quality of the product. The flavour panel makes it easier for customers to find their favourite and entice them to try new ones. The new World flavours have patterns based on the iconic retro originals but reflect the countries cultural origins. A bold & clean pack with strong differentiation between ranges and flavours.



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