Honest to Goodness

JAM&CO DESIGN was asked by Honest to Goodness to create a strategic brand solution for their brand and packaging, which then can be build upon throughout all future touch points, social media presence and correspondence with their consumers. Honest to Goodness is a Sydney-based online retailer, wholesaler and distributor of certified organic food & natural […]


After the successful launch online and farmers markets, we developed the retail and NPD packaging. By supplying a kit of parts the client can maintain every touchpoint cost effectively. “The joy of cooking as a shared experience”. The designs were inspired by Indian mandala designs and wood print blocks. The logo is crafted typography housed […]


Arcadian Natural Meat Company approached Jam&Co to update the Cleaver’s brand after realising that an opportunity existed to capitalise on simpler labelling for consumers. Consumers felt confused about the differences between Organic & Free Range beef products which only deterred them from purchasing meat that wasn’t labelled clearly. Given this insight Jam&Co created a labelling […]


Creating cut-through on the busy shelf with a new product and pack format – educate the consumer on what the product is and inspire them to create quick and easy dinners & salads


New packaging for a range of wine that will be sold at the high-end wine market, restaurants, and bars across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau.


Pitango soups from New Zealand was acquired by new owners Beak & Johnson with a vision to not only carry on the tradition of delicious soup but to expand its’ customer base and reach. JAM&CO DESIGN was asked to re-focus and develop the existing range and extend it into new exciting world flavours. While the […]


Wholefood.me is a weekly subscription snack box that provides busy individuals with convenient, healthy, portioned, and tasty snacks.The satisfied smile in the logo was designed to bring a little smile of satisfaction to your face when you receive your box of natural goodies.


A revolutionary brand development and packaging design for Kombucha Zest.


The “on-the-go” snack bars and squeezers needed to clearly communicate key POD (FEEL FULLER WITH PROTEIN) via strong shelf appeal and presence.