Brand and collateral design

Creating a LOGO is the beginning of building a BRAND. The distillation of a business’ attribute, values and personality come back to life through carefully crafted visual cues that distill the complexities of the business or product into a less complicated, more identifiable kind. A logo and a brand are two very different things that must work together […]


Brand & Packaging Design

After the successful launch online and farmers markets, we developed the retail and NPD packaging. By supplying a kit of parts the client can maintain every touchpoint cost effectively. “The joy of cooking as a shared experience”. The designs were inspired by Indian mandala designs and wood print blocks. The logo is crafted typography housed […]


Cleavers Brand and Packaging

Arcadian Natural Meat Company approached Jam&Co to update the Cleaver’s brand after realising that an opportunity existed to capitalise on simpler labelling for consumers. Consumers felt confused about the differences between Organic & Free Range beef products which only deterred them from purchasing meat that wasn’t labelled clearly. Given this insight Jam&Co created a labelling […]


Brand and Collateral

New identity for a company that provides solutions for businesses that are running consumer promotions. www.acquireone.com.au


Developing a multi-functional brand that sits across a suite of WIGIG products within the AUS, USA & UK market place. We developed a kit-of-parts to keep the costs down for this start-up company.


New identity for a modern international education resource hub for female business owners, who have already gained traction in their businesses and are ready to take their careers to the next level. The acronym HER stands for Holistic Educational Resources


We were asked to develop a new brand strategy and identity for an Organic fruit & Vege box buying group that in the future will extend to packaging. The key to differentiating this brand was giving back to the school side. Combining convenience with the passion for healthy food and creating a local community that […]


New identity for a team of experienced and recognised automation strategy, operations, and technology delivery professionals www.e-clair.com


Wholefood.me is a weekly subscription snack box that provides busy individuals with convenient, healthy, portioned, and tasty snacks.The satisfied smile in the logo was designed to bring a little smile of satisfaction to your face when you receive your box of natural goodies.


A revolutionary brand development and packaging design for Kombucha Zest.