MedalTally office in Mascot

Who is MedalTally?

MedalTally was founded in 2000 during the Sydney Olympics as an alternative way of looking at numbers and thus creating a difference. The name and philosophy stuck as Dutch born and educated Anneke Zilich started to help product businesses with their Brand and Packaging problems.

Until 2021 she mostly worked for other design agencies. Covid made her realise that like a lot of other small businesses she could use this time to start and realise her own vision and in doing so she could help others visualise their dreams and goals by offering them a very personal brand and packaging design service.

“After years working with a variety of brands and companies, I realised that I wanted to help businesses that have great ethical beliefs that align with mine. Caring for the people you work with and caring for the environment. Creating a family of like-minded businesses that can support each other.”

Why work with us?

We take into account what budget you have and create a scalable solution that can grow with your business, saving you time and money + adding value to your brand and company.

Using her 20+ years of international experience in Brand and Packaging combined with an astute gut-feel & common sense, Anneke created a simple strategic program that works for Businesses and Products alike. This creates a better reflection of what you stand for and finds a targeted audience.

We are a personal Brand and Packaging design service, dedicated to assisting only a handful of clients at any one time. We are here to help you in a creative, supportive and empathic manner. 

We Care, Dare & Share

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What you can expect:

A local branding and packaging design business in Mascot, inner South Suburb of Sydney where your product or company will have our total focus.

What next?

In order to engage your consumers we need to learn all about what they want. The fact is, good design solutions require in depth understanding about the product and the target consumer.

Whether you need a one off pack, a full rebrand or a simple label update, it is best we get all the details. For this reason a good old conversation is important. We won’t waste your time but we will need to discuss the project, your business direction and desired outcome. No project is the same so we do not offer standard packages. Contact us for more information, a personal chat clears up any questions you might have a lot quicker.

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