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Who is MedalTally?

The name MedalTally was inspired by the Sydney Olympics when Anneke and her partner launched a website tracking medal tallies from a novel perspective - medals per million people. This adjusted tally aimed to level the playing field for smaller countries with fewer athletes. Just as this new tally provided a fairer representation of talent, Anneke realized great branding and packaging design could help even small brands stand out. Like medals feature unique designs, thoughtful branding gives companies an edge regardless of size. 


Years later, this Olympic insight about standing out through design became the foundation of MedalTally. Just as countries tally up medals, Anneke helps conscious brands tally up medals through brand identities and packaging that reflect their values. The MedalTally name reminds us of the power of thoughtful design to help purpose-driven companies tally up wins in a crowded market. No matter the size, MedalTally's custom approach proudly displays each brand's assets like hard-earned medals.

Why work with us?

At MedalTally, we don't just design brands - we build them with heart. Our thoughtful approach will resonate with your audience and reflect what matters most. Founder Anneke Zilich draws on 20+ years of global expertise to evolve scalable solutions that grow with you. We invest the time to truly understand your vision and needs.


Our selective clientele means you get our undivided creative energy and strategic insight. While others focus on deliverables, we focus on you - fueling your ideas with passion and purpose. We blend pragmatic and creative thinking to build brands that connect. If you seek a partner to craft strategic design that authentically communicates your values, choose MedalTally. Our experience and exclusive attention means we can guide you to winning brand strategies that set you apart.

kitty miles at medal tally

What you can expect:

A hands-on, personal approach based in Sydney's inner South. Your product or company will have our full focus and care. You'll speak directly with our founder/designer. No middlemen here! Expect open conversations and collaboration.


We'll provide fair quotes within 24 hours so you can quickly move forward.


Our designs are unique, effective and tailored to you. We craft strategic solutions, not cookie-cutter templates.


Need fast turnaround? We get it - tight deadlines are our specialty.


We'll recommend trusted suppliers for printing and production needs too. Consider us your one-stop-shop.


At MedalTally, we sweat the small stuff so you don't have to. Our boutique service means premium care and guidance every step of the way. Let's do this together!

What's next?

The discovery call is all about you. This is your chance to share your brand story, product dreams, and business vision. We'll listen closely with open minds and open hearts. Our 30-minute consultation provides a safe space to talk transparently. Share your pain points, goals, and desired outcomes across branding, packaging, and messaging. We promise thoughtful questions, compassionate understanding, and zero judgment. This is where we start building trust and uncovering solutions tailored to you. 


Take the first step by booking time together. Let's map out how MedalTally can help you reach new heights. We combine passion, expertise and exclusive focus to ignite your potential. 

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