MedalTally | Bill’s Certified Organic Health Bakery
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Jam & Co Branding & Packaging


Branding, Packaging, Collateral Material, Livery, Posters, Website, Signage


JAM&CO DESIGN was asked by Bill’s Certified Organic Bread to create a brand personality through new packaging, which then can be build upon throughout all future touch points, social media presence and correspondence with their consumers. The re-design of the bread bags was needed to make their product the most visually appealing bread on shelf without deterring existing consumers, and enhance product recognition (create unity across all SKU’s whilst maintaining distinct variables for separate loaf types). The product is certified organic, natural and highly nutritious, ethical, great tasting, premium yet attainable. RESULT: A fresh and trendy brand whilst retaining its heritage and understated self-assuredness. A health bakery that not only bakes lovely bread but believes in producing natural, better for you products. On the retail packaging clear messaging and more natural colour coding have made it easier for consumers to find the right one for them. Besides the packaging it has rolled out on website, product guides, posters, t-shirt and can now grow to become a national brand. After 2 weeks in Coles, sales went up 25%

Branding, Logo, Packaging