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7 Packaging Design Tricks that Will Make Products Fly off the Shelves in 2021


There are plenty of gorgeous packaging examples on shelf but being pretty doesn’t mean it makes the sale. The sale comes when the consumer needs are met and there is an emotional connection that triggers it. So below are my 7 tests of making sure the packaging does it’s job to get people to pick it up, but also actually put it into their shopping trolley and buy it. It can build a Brand loyalty that creates a willingness to try other flavours or variants and a willingness to share this with friends and families or social media.

Be Relevant; communicate a purpose: what your brand stands for and what it means for your customer. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a lasting impression on the shelf and in the minds of your customers.

Be Different; Consumers have so much choice, it needs to stand for something that connects with your target market. Don’t be a copycat brand, it instantly reduces the credibility of the product. Find your uniqueness in a sea of sameness. Surprise and delight.

Be Eco-friendly; Consumer trends in 2020 reveal that sustainability is a key consideration for a variety of consumer segments when making their purchase decisions.

Be Clear; make it is easy for consumers to understand what your product is and what is stands for. You can’t please everyone – Give elements on pack space to breath, less is more. The shelves are busy as it is – give your consumers the ease of navigating through your messaging.

Be Truthful; Trust is gained by being transparent, which wins the hearts of consumers. They know a business is being honest when they address concerns before the consumer ever raises them as an issue.

Be Functional; Don’t forget about it’s prime function; to protect your product. Everybody hates it when you arrive home and discover half of your eggs are broken due to cheap packaging materials. Consumers will remember.

Be Desirable; Quality photography or illustrations are crucial to a good first impression. Show the real product in its best light. Appeal to the heart of your core consumer and speak the language they can relate to. Finding your target market pain points and making a connection via the design.


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Anneke Zilich

Anneke Zilich

Brand and Packaging Strategist and Designer

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